Saluting Women!

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, let’s reflect on who has been an influence on you. What is your favorite sisterhood celebratory moment or girl power achievement?

Have you had a chance to read EWGA’s Foundation book “Teeing Up For Success”? Thirty One extraordinary women share their insights and inspiration on how golf has made a difference in their lives and enabled so many others to reap benefits.

I’d like to recognize one of these authors, Marilyn Bunag. She epitomizes why EWGA empowers women and lives the mission of enriching women’s lives through golf. Marilyn is not a golfer. She was, however,  the recipient of the EWGA Foundation’s 2010 Women On Par® Scholarship award. She found us and we are so grateful she knocked on our door and we were there to open it and help her.

Marilyn Bunag, author in Teeing Up for Success

Marilyn Bunag, author Teeing Up for Success

As Marilyn has said “My life today would not be possible if others had not believed in me. EWGA awarded me the scholarship and didn’t even know me. I learned about it from searching the internet looking for scholarship opportunities for non-traditional women. And I was that – a low income, adult woman looking for assistance.

She is a single mother of four. She first earned her associate degree at City College of San Francisco and then her bachelor’s degree while working and rearing her family. She is now a program manager at Arriba Juntos (Upward Together) a non-profit agency that provides tools for women challenged by domestic abuse, drug addiction and poverty and empowers them to get on their feet, earn degrees and join the workforce. EWGA opened a door that made a difference in her life.

Arriba Juntos Logo

Arriba Juntos

She recounts, “I have traveled down roads that led to nowhere, but I’m proof that it is never too late to change the direction of your life. I have been granted a second chance and I am making the most of it. I am a woman making productive choices in life. My college diploma hangs on the wall and it’s the first thing I see when I step in the house. Now I work with women who were just like me. “

Marilyn often cites a quote from Milton Berle, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Some people do have barriers in life when it comes to opportunity and maybe their path is not as easy as it is for some, but I can honestly say that anyone can find a way to build their own door to reach goals.”

So on Saturday, March 8, think of who has inspired you. Whose lives have you touched and how you are making a difference. Read her story. Marilyn is an inspiration to us.

In honor of this special celebratory day, you can download a complimentary copy of Teeing Up For Success on Kindle – just for this one day.

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Here’s to belonging and loving your Association!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! While we will be wishing our heartfelt greetings and sharing our passions with our loved ones this week, did you know that EWGA members also love their organization too?

During this I “heart” golf month for EWGA members, I want to share with you an article I thought you all might enjoy from the American Society of Association Executives Daily News Journal about why people love their respective associations. Here it is.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Eve. In honor of this beloved, or not so beloved, holiday, and taking inspiration from this Washington Post article on 14 reasons to love DC, here are 14 reasons to love associations:

1. They tap the volunteer spirit. More than 92 percent of association members reported volunteering within their associations or other organizations, according to a 2008 survey published in ASAE’s Decision to Volunteer. That’s compared to the 26.5 percent of the U.S. population that reported volunteering in 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“It’s not hard to look around and see the impact that associations have on our community, and that work is really driven by volunteers,” Debra Ben Avram, CEO of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, told Associations Now. “We as a community have really embraced volunteers as a part of our workforce. Valuing volunteers and volunteering as a part of our organizational culture is a wonderful representation of that legacy.”

2. They’re creative. Associations such as the American Chemical Society come up with innovative ideas like putting their strategic plans on trifold cards that fit easily into members’ pockets.

3. They connect us. Last year, as part of a month-long, statewide Tech Tour, staff members of the North Carolina Technology Association traveled throughout the state meeting with members and hosting roundtables with industry partners and leaders to discuss technology issues and illustrate how the industry is helping North Carolina’s economy.

4. They can help you get dressed. This one really only applies if you work for one, but, love them or hate them, staff shirts or conference apparel make getting ready in the morning a whole lot easier.

5. They can help you find a job. The International Franchise Association, for example, expanded its VetFran program two years ago to help returning veterans become franchise owners. The goal of the new program—Operation Enduring Freedom—is to bring 75,000 veterans and military spouses, and 5,000 wounded vets, into the industry as franchise owners by the end of 2014.

“What we heard over and over again was that what veterans need most when they return is a job,” Beth Solomon, IFA vice president of strategic initiatives, told Associations Now. “Many vets who return may not be in a position to be franchise business owners right away. What they really need is a place to start.”

6. They help us do our jobs better. Take the National Science Teachers Association, for example. Last year NSTA released three iPad-ready e-books designed to help science teachers become more familiar with content they were teaching but lacked extensive training in.

“There are a lot of teachers, especially in the elementary- and middle-school levels, that may not have the content expertise in a particular science content area, but they are expected to teach it. The more comfortable they become with the content, the more effectively they’ll be able to teach it in the classroom,” Leisa Clark, producer/director of e-learning production at NSTA, told Associations Now.

7. They like to meet, and meetings help the economy. There was a 9 percent increase in meetings’ contribution to GDP between 2009 and 2012, according to the Convention Industry Council. That increase provided $115 billion to the economy.

8. They like to reinvent themselves. It seems like every week there is an association rebranding itself to better serve its membership.

9. They can match you with a mentor. Everyone from CEOs to young professionals is looking for a mentor, and many associations are helping create successful matches both within and outside their membership. Last year, the Boston Product Management Association launched a partnership with Harvard Business School pairing BPMA members and HBS students in mentor/mentee relationships that benefited both parties.

“Both the mentors and the students benefit from this,” BPMA President Sarela Bliman-Cohen told Associations Now. “Most of these students have never been in product management, so they may have a lot of ideas and strategy but they haven’t had hands-on experience, and the mentors come with hands-on experience. The mentors, on the other hand, will get a chance to work with potential start-ups as well as audit the HBS product management class. It’s a good symbiotic relationship.”

10. They provide a voice. When the federal government shut down last fall, or when federal agencies and programs were grappling with the effects of sequestration, associations were out there advocating for their members and the public.

11. They make us feel welcome. At the California Dental Association, “member concierge” Terry Fong, calls all new members individually to welcome them to the organization. It’s part of an effort to create personal connections, and even the initially skeptical eventually warm up to the calls.

“I always frame it as, ‘I’m the member concierge here, and we’re here to help you, and I know that you’re very busy, but what I’m trying to do is collect some information here to complete a profile on you,’” Fong told Associations Now. “That’s the word I use, and they’ve been open to that.”

12. They offer some pretty great benefits. Travel awards for conference attendees. Research tools and funding. A salary calculator. Legal advice. It’s hard to choose which of these may be the best benefit ever, but they are all some of the perks associations are offering their members.

13. They make learning fun. At the High Technology Crime Investigators Association (HTCIA) International Conference last year, attendees got a chance to compete against one another and test their skills as cybercrime investigators via an updated game of Capture the Flag.

“We don’t want everyone just to become complacent and think, ‘We’re going to be sitting there and listening to people speak,’” Maria Noboa, a member of HTCIA’s marketing committee, told Associations Now. “So we thought this challenge would be a great way to kick off the event and educate people in a fun, engaging way.”

14. This one’s up to you.”

So, why do you love the EWGA?


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Where is the wonder woman in you?

Aren’t there many days that you feel like you are super woman – juggling so many “to do’s” and everything seems like it is “the” top priority? And yet, somehow we manage to get it all done.  And we have success stories to share.

I am delighted to unveil a pet project of mine, it’s a book called “Teeing Up For Success” which I wanted to create for EWGA and the EWGA Foundation. Having been a member of the organization since 1994 and a staff member since 2002, I have been moved by the passion, enthusiasm, commitment and successes of EWGA members because of golf being a part of their life. It is unparalleled.

I wanted to find a way to bring those stories from individuals I consider to be “wonder women” to life.  So, with a great supporting cast (shout out to committee members Angie Niehoff, Diana Gats and Susan Snyder) all who were equally passionate about this project, “Teeing Up For Success” is now a published book and is available on!

It is about the power of golf. A compilation of over 30 stories of insight and inspiration from extraordinary women on how they have used the game of golf to achieve their goals.  I invite you to delve into these chapters and enjoy these women’s stories of wisdom, courage, faith and success. Prepare to be inspired by this beautiful compilation woven together by a love for golf.

Published by the EWGA Foundation, the charitable arm of EWGA, Teeing Up For Success

is now available at for your reading enjoyment.

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The Resolution Solution

2014 has arrived with a bang! Did you make a New Year’s resolution? For many of us, our resolutions never get fulfilled. I have a proposal for your consideration. I call it the resolution solution. It’s musings to consider for living life.

“Life is a not a race – but indeed a journey.

Be honest. Work Hard, Be choosy.

Say “thank you”, “I love you” and “great job” to someone each day.

Let your handshake be sincere, genuine and meaningful.

Love your life and what you have been given; it is not accidental – search for your purpose and do it the best you can.

Dreaming does matter, it allows you to become that which you aspire to be.

Laugh often. Appreciate the little things in life and enjoy them. Some of the best things really are free.

Do not worry, less wrinkles are more becoming.

Forgive, it frees the soul.

Recognize the special people you’ve been blessed to know.

And finally, live for today and enjoy the moment.”

Here’s to a healthy, lively and wonderful 2014 on and off the fairways!

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31st PGA Grand Slam is in the record books and EWGA was there!

While Adam Scott overcame the rain and the challenging final stretch of holes at Port Royal Golf Club in Southampton Bermuda, the sun did shine on the lovely island and all that it offered visitors throughout the 31st PGA Grand Slam Experience.

EWGA’s On Course guests can attest to the hospitality and friendly spirit of Bermudians. The EWGA Bermuda Chapter rolled out the pink carpet to welcome us and celebrate their first year anniversary as a Chapter.

With our partner, the Bermuda Department of Tourism, we were hosted at terrific venues throughout our island stay. While we all played the PGA Grand Slam course, Port Royal, on Sunday and it was in terrific shape, I had the fortune as a guest of the Department of Tourism to play in the Pro-Am there on Monday.  Our team pro was the defending Grand Slam Champion, Padraig Harrington.  Valerie Nearon, the Vice Chair of the Tournament and also the VP of the EWGA Bermuda Chapter was in my group. Great fun, good shots and Padraig was terrific. Even the 16th hole on the ocean was kind to us! (this year anyhow)

Here’s the 411 on Padraig: He’s been with Wilson Golf for over 15 years, has won back to back Open Championships,  the PGA Championship and been on 6 Ryder Cup Teams. His favorite musical group is U2, The Big Bang Theory is his favorite TV show, soccer is his favorite non-golf sporting event, and his smile lights up a room!

Now about the PGA Grand Slam Champion…Adam Scott. He shot a course record of 64 winning the 36- hole event in style. His dad was his guest on the island and it was the first time they had really spent time together since his Masters win this past April. He praised his caddy Stevie for his help in reading the putt that won him the Masters and was quite modest about his accomplishments leaving all of us wanting to know more about this man from down under.

While the Port Royal Golf Course is one of Bermuda’s premier courses, the pink sand and crystal clear waters are riveting to the eye. Bermuda is truly a wonderful destination!

View a few photos from our PGA Grand Slam trip to Bermuda.

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EWGA Women Prove they Play Under Par and Live Above Par!

2013 EWGA Championship Finals in the history books!

Over 220 women assembled at The Wig Wam Resort just outside of Phoenix this past weekend for the 2013 EWGA Championship Finals. It was an extraordinary weekend of golf competition, camaraderie, friendship and fun. While the final round of the 36 hole competition had a 2+ hour weather delay, the competition did finish before the sun set with a new champion.

Congratulations to Julie McKenna from the Greater Springfield Chapter of EWGA for taking the overall low gross prize and becoming the new reigning EWGA Champion! The Salt Lake City, UT Scramble Team are the 2013 Scramble Division Champions.  Hats off to Paula Shaw, Nancy Carpenter, Barbara Hansen and Lee Stern!

I’d personally like to extend my congratulations to all of the finalist competitors. They worked very hard to qualify starting at the Chapter level, advancing to the semi-finals and then traveling to Phoenix for the Finals. They represent the best competitors of the EWGA. Congratulations Ladies!

Each competitor stands out as being the “Best of the Best” in all of the competitive flights. There are 11 traits associated with “Being the Best of the Best” according to Jon Gordon, known for his positive strategies to fuel your life and career, and I want to share them with you.

“1. The Best Know what they truly want.
2. The Best want it more.
3. The Best are always striving to get better,
4. The Best do ordinary things better than everyone else.
5. The Best zoom-focus.
6. The Best are mentally stronger.
7. The Best overcome their fear.
8. The Best seize the moment.
9. The Best tap into a greater power than themselves.
10. The Best leave a legacy.
11. The Best make everyone around them better.”

The EWGA Championship draws out the best from EWGA members. It’s about competing. It’s about goal setting. It’s about relationships. Connections. Achieving Goals. Exceeding one’s expectations. Being your very best.

Henry David Thoreau once said, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Congratulations! Mark your calendars for the 2014 EWGA Championship Finals which will be held at The Hermitage in Nashville, TN, October 8-12.

To view the results of the 2013 EWGA Championship finals, follow this link.

To view pictures from the Championship, visit EWGA’s Facebook page

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I’ll be rooting for the home team this weekend at the Solheim Cup Matches

It’s that treasured time that comes every two years. The biennial Solheim Cup Matches. Team USA vs. Team Europe. The good news is as Team USA attempts to regain the Cup, they have never lost the Matches at home.

While many of us experienced the Solheim Cup Matches at Killeen Castle in Ireland two years ago, American fans will be out in full force this weekend in Colorado. Several hundred EWGA members will be at the Colorado Golf Club donning their red, white and blue and capturing the patriotic spirit that inspires all of us. The first tee experience is one of the most memorable in golf. So, if you can’t be there in person, tune into the Golf Channel to watch the action unfold. You just might see a familiar face in the gallery cheering USA-USA-USA all the way!

Will Michelle Wie re-capture the spotlight? How about Paula aka the Pink Panther with her Match record of 11-3-5? Will she generate the excitement that she is capable of? Jessica Korda will be making her first appearance as a Team member for the U.S. Joining them as teammates will be Cristie Kerr, Brittany Lang, Stacy Lewis fresh off her Ricoh British Open win, Brittany Lincicome, Rookie Gerina Piller, Morgan Pressel, Lizette Salas, Angela Stanford and Lexi Thompson. Meg Mallon certainly must be excited with her team of uber talented players.

Who do you think will be victorious on Sunday?  We know how everyone loves to predict the winner. However this one will be a bit trickier. Since there isn’t an official “MVP” in match play, we need you to choose the clutch player winning the most match points.

Contest Rules If you are on Facebook, “like” this posting. This will give you a second “bonus” entry into the contest. All entries must be received by 12:00 noon Eastern Thursday, August 15. After the tournament is over, everyone that chose the winner will be put into a drawing for an EWGA logoed prize. One prize will be awarded.

Only one entry per person. Send your entry to In the subject line put the Solheim Fever. Include your full name, daytime telephone number and your guess in the body of the email.

Look back two years ago at photos from the 2011 Solheim Cup. We’d love to see your photos from the 2013 Solheim Cup. Upload them to our Facebook page ( so that everyone can join in the excitement!

2011 Solheim Cup

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